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Emerging from the rubble…

Whew! What a crazy few weeks it’s been. I feel like I haven’t had time to relax since the beginning of December.

Finally I’ve got some time to call my own, although that won’t last long…my brother’s wedding is coming up in just over three weeks, and as one of the bridesmaids – and the sister of the groom – I’ve been commandeered to help with the details.

For now, though, an update. I’ve been working on the edits for Catch a Shooting Star (CaSS), which is under contract with Ellora’s Cave Blush. It’s shaping up really nicely, and I’m falling more in love with Jess and Nathan every day. You can read a blurb on the Bookshelf, and as soon as I have any more details, I’ll let you know.

Louisa’s been busy, too, on virtual tour to promote Inter-Office Relations. She’s taking a break for the next week or so, and then back to the blogs on the 23rd January. Her tour is, as always, accompanied by giveaways, so head over to to check out the tour schedule.

I was incredibly naughty the other day and stole some time to read for pleasure *gasp!* For fans of historical romance, I strongly recommend you try Connie Brockway’s The Other Guy’s Bride. It reminded me of The Mummy movie, only without the mummy, and with a whole lot more! Total five star read for me.

Okay, now back to the salt mines. My everyday job is very demanding at the moment – we’re relocating the office and I never knew how much crap I’d accumulated in my desk!

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