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Drumroll please….

.CaSS..after waiting what seems like far to long, Catch a Shooting Star is now available in paperback!! I’m beyond thrilled about this – Jess and Nathan are quite possibly my favorite couple, and now they’re available to the technologically reluctant.

You can buy CaSS, the paperback, direct from Ellora’s Cave or from Amazon. Further retailers to follow.

If you’ve read CaSS already, don’t forget to write a review!


Liv xx

Louisa’s visiting with Amie Louellen


Louisa’s being interviewed at Amie Louellen’s blog today–come on by and see her! She’ll be giving one lucky commenter a title of their choice from Amie’s backlist. 

And don’t forget, Inter-Office Relations is on sale now from The Wild Rose Press. Buy it here

Quick Update…

Sorry I haven’t had time for a proper post this week, my alter-ego, Louisa Masters, and I have been very busy! We’ve both had news on the publishing front, me with CaSS and Louisa with Inter-Office Relations, which is coming soon from The Wild Rose Press.

So stay tuned for an update…Catch a Shooting Star may be coming your way!

While in bed…

Last week, I had an interesting experience in bed (mind out of the
gutter, please!) My bed is absolutely gorgeous. See a picture of it here:
I’ve had it for two years, and it’s always been wonderfully comfortable. Until that night last week, at about 4.15 am, when I was jolted awake by a funny noise. I heard nothing else, rolled over, and the noise came again, this time accompanied by the jerking motion of my bed giving way.
I scrambled out of bed – literally, as the mattress was now trapped in the bedframe. What the??? I managed, with a great deal of effort, to pull the (heavy) mattress free. I located the problem, which I won’t go into, and with my sleep fogged mind went about fixing it. Unlike Vee, the heroine of Miss Fix-It, I’m not very handy, so it took me an hour to work everything out. At which point
I had to wrestle the mattress back on, and re-make the bed so I could sneak in a few more hours sleep.

When I woke up, I realized that I could have left the problem for morning and slept on my extremely comfortable couch.

So, my question to you is: what have you done while half asleep that you wouldn’t have done if your brain was fully in gear?
Oh, and have you ever had your bed/chair/couch fall apart on you?

The Romance of Time Travels

Everyone say hi to Claire Delacroix, my guest today! I’m a huge fan of Claire’s time travel romances, so it’s a thrill to have her here!

The Romance of Time Travels
by Claire Delacroix (

I love time travel romances. There’s something inherently romantic about the idea of a love that transcends space and time, of two people finding love in the most unlikely of places. As a writer, I like time travels because they offer a natural combination of both comedy and tragedy. There has to be humor in finding oneself in a different – maybe even incomprehensible – place and time, and there will be mistaken assumptions galore. But there’s also a potential for tragedy, either in the character yearning for someone or something left behind, or needing to choose between their new love and their former life. I love stories that offer the opportunity for both laughs and tears.

I’ve written four time travel romances, and (of course) I had to play with the variables. Is there a character who comes forward in time? One who goes back? Where do the characters end up – now or then? And what kind of choices can the characters be confronted with, as a result of their newfound love and time travel?

ONCE UPON A KISS was my first time travel romance. It’s a Sleeping Beauty story, of a woman who falls into an enchanted sleep. She can only be awakened by her one true love, who turns out to be the modern owner of the castle where she was snared in this spell. Of course, it’s not so easy as a single kiss leading to happily ever after. It takes some persuading to convince Aurelia that Baird is neither her father’s arch enemy or a sorceror who is deceiving her, while Baird has some issues in finding a woman so attractive, especially as she believes she’s an 8th century Pictish princess. I enjoyed playing with stories in this book – Aurelia has become the subject of a local song, her beauty and her curse immortalized in verse. As you might imagine, she finds this song shocking – while Baird wonders whether she’s latched on to its romance to help herself deal with a traumatic loss. This book is available again digitally – you can read more about it here:

THE LAST HIGHLANDER was my second time travel romance. In this story, the hero, Alasdair, comes forward in time and problems are created in history because he’s not where he’s supposed to be. In the meantime, he restores the heroine’s faith in love and men – to the extent that Morgan is determined to get him back where he belongs, regardless of the cost to herself. This story is not yet available in digital release, but it’s coming soon!

My third time travel romance is THE MOONSTONE. This book resulted from a classic writer’s question – what if? What if BOTH characters travelled through time? In this story, Vivianne, escapes execution by fleeing through time, leaving Niall, the knight in charge of delivering her to the gallows, with no prisoner to deliver. While he’s enchanted by her, Niall is also a man who does his duty. The pendant that she used to make the journey is left behind, so Niall uses it to pursue her. I enjoyed having both of them work together to figure out their way in the strange world of the future. (Niall has a fascination with indoor plumbing, which makes me chuckle every time I read that scene.) That they fell in love and agree to go back together in an attempt to make things right in the past only made me cheer for that pair all the more. You can read about THE MOONSTONE at

Finally, I wrote a magick romance. LOVE POTION #9 isn’t technically a time travel – the heroine Lilith finds the secret of immortality in order to wait for her destined lover to return to her. (He promised on the gallows to do so.) By our time, she’s run out of patience and conjures a little magick to try to hurry him up. Instead of her destined lover turning up on cue, she gets a new neighbor – Lilith makes quite an impression on Mitch when she drags him into her foyer, relieved to finally see her lover true, and has her way with him. Again, destiny doesn’t come together quite that simply. I love this book for a couple of reasons, mostly because the chapters are named after individual tarot cards – Lilith reads fortunes for a living – and the events in those chapters are governed by those cards. I worked through the higher arcana in order, which was both challenging and fun. The other reason I love this book is the interplay between the characters. It’s a romance, but there are strong secondary characters who each play their part in the resolution of the story. Now I can see that LOVE POTION #9 was a stepping stone to the contemporary romances that I wrote subsequently. You can can read more about LOVE POTION #9 at, and you can read more about those contemporary romances – the Coxwell series – right here:

What about you? Do you like time travel romances? If so, why? If not, why not?

Fast Draft…almost

Starting Monday 8th August, I embarked on Fast Draft, a two-week intensive program to write the entire first draft of my next novel. Fo those of you who are unfamiliar with Fast Draft, check out Candace Havens’ website

So, Monday and Tuesday went pretty well. Twenty pages a day? Pshaw! I was psyched, I had the company and support of my fellow RWA Online Chapter members and my next book was taking shape.
This morning, I pulled a tendon in my right wrist. I can still type, but it’s awkward (wrist brace), slow and painful. Plus, I make a lot of typos.

But I’m not giving up! I’ve decided to reshape Fast Draft for my circumstances. Instead of twenty pages per day for two weeks, I’m going to try for ten pages per day for four.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


I am not a sporty person. You could say that I am the furthest thing possible from being sporty. It doesn’t help that I’m completely uncoordinated. You know how people casually toss things at each other–keys, candy bars, stuff like that? In my family, nobody tosses anything to me, because they know I’ll drop it.

So, why the hell did I decide to write a book about a football player? And not just any type of football, but NFL, about which I know nothing. Except that players wear padding and helmets.
Not that I know that much about AFL or soccer, but at least I have expert consultants, aka my dad and brother, to ask.

After hours on google trying to work out the sport, and more hours doing research at the library, I throw up my hands in surrender. I will never understand. As my brother said when trying to teach me the offside rule, “It just is. That’s the way it’s always been. They’re not going to change it because you think it would make more sense another way.”

I am in the process of going through my manuscript and making some major changes. You see, every time a scene needed actual football information, I left *** markers. I was going to go back and fill it in after I finished my research.
The book is now set in summertime. I still need some football information, but nowhere near as much as before, and none of it really requires me to understand the game. Thank God.

Go ahead and say it. I was an idiot to make my hero a football player. But he’s so cute!

Miss Fix-It Giveaway!

If you have yet to read Miss Fix-It (shame on you!), head over to Goodreads and enter the Giveaway. Five copies up for grabs!

In the meantime, I’m getting closer to the end of my next full-length contemporary, still unnamed…

Fairytales vs Romance

For years and years, when asked what my favorite fairytale is, I’ve always answered ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Why? I didn’t have a clue.

The other day I watched the Disney movie, Enchanted, for the first time. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a fabulous amalgamation of the classic Disney movies, the ultimate fairytale with a modern twist. I loved it right off. The fact that Patrick Dempsey is in it didn’t hurt, of course.

The point is, after seeing the movie, it struck me why B&B has always been my favorite. The hero and heroine actually get to know each other.

Think about it. Cinderella and her prince fall in love during a dance. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty both meet their princes when they wake from comas. Ariel can’t talk with her prince, and so he ends up almost marrying someone else (depending on the version. I dislike the one where he actually does marry someone else and Ariel dies).

But only in Beauty and the Beast do our hero and heroine actually talk to each other before the happy ever after. They talk, they play, eat and read and get to know who they really are, both together and apart (okay, so I’m investing this story with depth that may not actually be there, but you know what I mean). This is a story that appeals to a modern audience. Once upon a time, ending up with a Prince, no matter who he was, may have been enough to ensure happy ever after, but personally I want to know who I’m waking up with the day after the wedding.

So, I put on my B&B dvd to watch the magic again…and noticed exactly how clever the people at Disney are. That wonderful scene, the one where Belle and The Beast are dancing in the ballroom? That scene that always made me sigh and wish that the days of ballrooms and gowns and dancing would return? That ultimately romantic, wonderful moment in time? Well, it’s been replicated, in non-animated human format, at the end of Enchanted. And it’s just as eminently romantic and sigh-worthy.

If you haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast, or Enchanted, I strongly recommend that you run out and buy copies. Don’t bother with renting, it will cost you more in the long run!

So, if I had to choose the fairytale or romance, I want romance. I want the moments that make your chest ache. The happy ever after is something my man and I can work on together.

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