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Louisa’s latest release On Sale Today!

Diving in Deep, Louisa Masters’ latest erotic romance, went on sale today!

Cameron is sick of being a stereotypical nerd. In an attempt to “reinvent” himself, he takes three months off for a holiday in Australia–something the old Cameron would never do.

Troy and Jake are in a committed relationship. Co-owners of Sail Away, a water sport and cruising company, their life is about sun, sea and each other.

Neither Troy nor Jake have ever participated in a ménage, but after a day on the water with Cameron, both are fantasizing about sandwiching him between them. Cameron has never been with a man but can’t stop thinking about the hot couple, and how they’d look, naked and entwined. When he walks in on them having sex in the underwater observatory, he can’t look away–and then they invite him to join in.

Will the old Cameron sink in uncharted territory? Or will the new Cameron find himself diving in deep?

Buy it here!

Going Visiting!

Louisa and I have decided to visit some of our fellow authors! Louisa has a release in late June, so she’s booked herself pretty heavily. Our schedules so far:


May 30th Dena Garson

June 11th Marie Tuhart

June 15th Marie Sexton

June 22nd G.B Miller

July 3rd James Hatch


May 23rd Seven Sexy Sins

June 5th Rachel Leigh

June 25th Maggie Nash

June 26th S. Dora

June 27th Jennifer Jakes

June 28th Virginia Cavanaugh

June 29th Sarah Grimm

We’ll be making updates and planning July soon! If you’d like one or both of us to visit you, email me on

Louisa has new cover art!

Louisa Masters has the new cover art for her 2012 release, One Night in a Bar. Head over to to check it out. You’ll note the alleyway where Karen and Daniel…erm…well, anyway, go have a look!

Louisa Masters Giveaway winners…

Louisa wound up her virtual book tour on Friday, and has selected her giveaway winners. To see who they are, or to check out the excerpt and blurb for Inter-Office Relations, head over to her site,

Great news!

Louisa’s m/m/m Diving in Deep has just sold to The Wild Rose Press for their Boys of Summer series!

Get all the details at Louisa’s site.

Louisa got a 4 Heart Review!

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews has given Inter-Office Relations a 4 Heart review! Check it out here

And remember, you can buy Inter-Office Relations here – Louisa would love to hear your opinion!


Great news everyone! Louisa’s just signed a contract with Total-e-Bound for One Night in a Bar!

Hooray!  We’ve been given a tentative release date of mid-2012. I’ll keep you posted with updates! To refresh your memory about One Night in a Bar, click here for an overview.

Release date and excerpt for Inter-Office Relations

I now have the official word: Inter-Office Relations by Louisa Masters will be available for sale on Friday, 9th December 2011! That’s only two weeks away!

Louisa’s going to be doing some blog touring and appearances, so keep an eye on her website for her schedule. There will, of course, be giveaways involved!

Head over to for the excerpt. We hope it has you begging for more!

Cover art from Louisa Masters!

I’m absolutely thrilled to show you the cover art for Louisa Masters’ Inter-Office Relations. Full blurb coming soon, but here’s a teaser:

A tie, panties and condoms, oh my…the conference room will never be the same again. What does ‘in conference’ mean at your office?

Head over to Louisa’s site at for regular updates!

Quick Update…

Sorry I haven’t had time for a proper post this week, my alter-ego, Louisa Masters, and I have been very busy! We’ve both had news on the publishing front, me with CaSS and Louisa with Inter-Office Relations, which is coming soon from The Wild Rose Press.

So stay tuned for an update…Catch a Shooting Star may be coming your way!

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