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Hitting the To-Be-Read pile

Like all readers, I have a stack of books, both physical and virtual, that I’ve bought based on recommendation and review. The To-Be-Read pile. Every month I buy tostack of bookso many books and read them in a certain order: first, the ones I’ve been desperately awaiting, usually those part of a series (this month’s first read was MacRieve by Kresley Cole) or by favorite authors. Next come the ones that are by my automatic-buy authors. And then I get to the rest. If the new month has already rolled around, well, some of those books may get bumped down the pile.

Last week, however, I was home sick for three days, and so I got July’s must-reads done early in the month. Which left me time to hit the pile.

I am a fan of Maya Banks. She’s a versatile and amazing author, and I was thrilled to meet her – briefly – at RWA a few years ago. However, for some inexplicable reason, I never read any of her historicals.

Boy, was that stupid.

Maya has finally filled the hole that was left in me when Julie Garwood stopped writing historicals. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Julie’s contemporary romances. I used to buy them in hardcover, and now that I’m an ebook aficionado, I buy them at the expensive just-released price. But I have never, until last week, read any Scottish historical that made me feel quite like Julie’s did. And I’ve read a lot of really amazing Scottish historicals.

So, if you’ve yet to read the McCabe trilogy by Maya Banks, hie yourself over to wherever you buy your books from, and grab them. I, in the meantime, am off to read her other historicals…

The month is still young, so who knows what else I may discover in the pile?

Home again, home again

It’s always hard to come home after a holiday. Especially one as exciting as the one I just had. However, as much as I loved my break, I am thrilled to be home.

Part of that is the interminably long flight from New York to Melbourne, about twenty hours. I had stops in L.A. and Sydney, which makes it even longer and more miserable, since the stops consist mainly of changing terminals whilst lugging carry-on baggage. So it’s a wonderful feeling to FINALLY arrive, get off the damned plane, and know that the next time I try to sleep it will be in my gorgeous, comfortable bed and not in a cramped airplane seat. With some strange woman’s elbow jabbing me every time she moves. Still, I’m one of the lucky ones. I can sleep on demand, even if it is a disturbed sleep. So jet-lag is something that only rarely affects me.

The other part is knowing everything I now have to get done. I wasn’t joking when I said the conference got my creative juices flowing. I have ideas up the wazoo, and of course there are never enough hours in the day. I am leaping headfirst back into the day-to-day routine, and I WILL wrestle my committments and ideas into submission. Just you watch!

My only complaint about being home? It’s cold! After the lovely heat in New York, the biting Melbourne wind–remember, it comes right off Antarctica–is nasty. It’s been raining for the past few days, which I can’t decide if I like or not. We’ve been in drought for so long that rain is a welcome treat, but winter rain is so dreary and miserable.

Oh, and this morning I backed my car into a pole. I’m not sure how…the pole has been there for two years, I’ve been backing my car out past it for two years, and never have the two met. The damage is mainly cosmetic, but I’m still not happy about it.

So, hopefully the next time I post I’ll have an exciting achievement to announce…even if it is only that I have finally posted those photos I promised (whoops!)

RWA 2011 New York!

I have had the most crazy fabulous week I can remember in ages.


Aside from exploring New York, and doing some fabulous shopping–my God, the shopping–I also had the wonderful conference. Worried about the expense? Don’t be. Stop buying books for the next year. Spend the money on the conference and the trip. You’ll pick up enough free books to make your money back.
I’m not joking. I made my money back, and I didn’t take everything that was available.
Plus the workshops are invaluable. There are so many people to meet (hi everyone!) things to talk about. And I’ve been inspired by so many offhand comments, I now have a kajillion ideas and no time to write them all. Although, according to Candace Havens, there are NO EXCUSES!

I could go on forever, but you don’t want to hear it, I’m sure. So down to the part that I loved…later tonight check out my website for the pictures of me with some gorgeous authors! I missed a few (including Suzanne Brockmann and Kresley Cole, Christina Dodd), simply because if I’d waited in those lines I’d still be waiting, but I did get pics with Julia Quinn, Nalini Singh, Susan Elizabeth Phillips (who is a great speaker), Karen Hawkins, Sabrina Jeffries, Suzanne Enoch, Eloisa James, Rachel Gibson, Victoria Alexander, Sarah MacLean and more that I can’t remember right now but will kick myself for forgetting later.

I have some writing to do while the juices are flowing, so I’m off now…oh, one thing I forgot to mention. I’ve had requests to see both a partial and a full of Catch a Shooting Star, and a full of One Night in a Bar!


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