Movie vs Book

The classic question: which was better, the movie or the book?

There is nothing worse than going to see the movie version of a book and being heartbreakingly disappointed.

The first time this happened to me was in my teens. I’d seen movie adaptations before, and some of them were very average, but the one that shattered me was Looking for Alibrandi. You may not be familiar with it. It’s by Australian author Melina Marchetta, and it’s the kind of book that makes you laugh and cry, and totally relate to seventeen-year-old heroine Josephine Alibrandi. You can find out more here.

Another adaptation that hurt me – and I’m sorry, I know this is going to upset some people – was the Harry Potter series. Are you kidding me? It physically hurt to watch!

I’d love to hear from anyone who agrees with me that the movies based on the books of my idol, Nora Roberts, suck. In fact, they suck so bad I nearly cried. Anyone who hasn’t read or seen Montana Sky, skip the next line: they made Nate the sheriff! What the hell?

BUT, I don’t hate all movie adaptations. The Princess Bride is one of my all-time favorites, in any version. To Kill a Mockingbird is another, although nearly all credit for that goes to Gregory Peck’s outstanding portrayal of Atticus Finch. The Lord of the Rings trilogy – I know a lot of people disagree with me on this one, but the movies made a great story accessible to readers who are discouraged by formal English, as well as reaching out to non-readers.

Share with me: which movie adaptation were good, and which did you loathe?


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I was born many years ago in... No, seriously, all you need to know about me is that I love love LOVE reading, and it's even more fun to write my own stories (I get to choose the ending that way). I've worked in plenty of different jobs, many in retail, which is the best way to meet some really colorful people, and also in recruitment, telecommunications, and food safety. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm still on the lookout for Mr. Right, so if you know him, send him my way.

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  1. I think it’s usually better for a remake to do something different, whilst loosely fitting the framework of the novel. BladeRunner is a good example. Whilst I didn’t hate it by any means, I was disappointed with aspects of the film version of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. Changing some of the characters made the story feel starker than it needed to be.

    I love Princess Bride! Although I admit I haven’t read the book.

  2. The author has to be very involve in a film to make it good. I guess too many of them leave it to the directors, thats why it is sometimes really bad.

  3. I was disappointed with the adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I know it’s difficult to convey the humor and wittiness of the book cause half the jokes are either soliloquies or puns told by the narrator (the narrator speaks far more in the book than it does in the movie). But it’s not like it couldn’t be made. There was a BBC series adaptation in the 80’s that did it pretty well, all it was lacking was the technology to make things look real enough as to not be distracting.(Nevertheless I have to add that the Film’s representation of Trillian is way better than that of the series).

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