While in bed…

Last week, I had an interesting experience in bed (mind out of the
gutter, please!) My bed is absolutely gorgeous. See a picture of it here:
I’ve had it for two years, and it’s always been wonderfully comfortable. Until that night last week, at about 4.15 am, when I was jolted awake by a funny noise. I heard nothing else, rolled over, and the noise came again, this time accompanied by the jerking motion of my bed giving way.
I scrambled out of bed – literally, as the mattress was now trapped in the bedframe. What the??? I managed, with a great deal of effort, to pull the (heavy) mattress free. I located the problem, which I won’t go into, and with my sleep fogged mind went about fixing it. Unlike Vee, the heroine of Miss Fix-It, I’m not very handy, so it took me an hour to work everything out. At which point
I had to wrestle the mattress back on, and re-make the bed so I could sneak in a few more hours sleep.

When I woke up, I realized that I could have left the problem for morning and slept on my extremely comfortable couch.

So, my question to you is: what have you done while half asleep that you wouldn’t have done if your brain was fully in gear?
Oh, and have you ever had your bed/chair/couch fall apart on you?


About oliviaventura

I was born many years ago in... No, seriously, all you need to know about me is that I love love LOVE reading, and it's even more fun to write my own stories (I get to choose the ending that way). I've worked in plenty of different jobs, many in retail, which is the best way to meet some really colorful people, and also in recruitment, telecommunications, and food safety. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm still on the lookout for Mr. Right, so if you know him, send him my way.

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