Busy Girl!

Well, I still haven’t posted those photos…shame on me! But I have been a busy girl.

I’ve finished what was my WIP, Catch a Shooting Star, or what I’m now calling CaSS. CaSS is currently doing the rounds of publishers and agents, and hopefully will be available for sale in the future. It’s about social misfit Jessamy James, who pays the bills with a cleaning job so she can do what she really loves: tell stories to children. She meets NFL superstar Nathan Powell when she cleans his house. He’s intrigued by her reclusive attitude, and she’s drawn to his open personality and lack of defensive walls. It doesn’t take long for attraction to set in, and for a relationship to blossom.
When Nathan is accused of dealing drugs, Jess is caught up in the media storm and finds her own vocation slipping through her fingers. They struggle together to clear his name and rescue both their careers.

One Night in a Bar by Louisa Masters is also doing the rounds. Karen comes home unexpectedly to find her boyfriend cheating on her with her (male) boss, and another man. Can she really be blamed for pulling out the mace when they invite her to join in?
She mourns the loss of her job at a bar, gets a little tipsy…and somehow, she ends up having sex in an alley with tall, dark, and sexy Daniel. Something she’s never done before. Good thing they’ll never see each other again, right?
One month into a new job, she lands a fabulous new client, world-renowned sculptor Crogan. Except, Daniel Crogan turns out to be her one-hour stand. And professionalism is the last thing on his mind.

I’m now gearing up to start on my next project. Being a pantser and not a plotter, I can’t give you a full blurb just yet, but it kicks off with a runaway bride, an impromptu trip to London, and a sexy stranger. Hmm, what is it about me and strangers?

Louisa is also working on a new project (heh, multiple personalities). It’s a bit out of her usual box, a space opera with a professional companion heroine. More details when I have them.

AND, finally Miss Fix-It will be available for sale in paperback in Australia. That pesky distribution problem has been cleared up, and two of my favourite bookstores have placed orders. So if you want a copy, you can call Rendezvous the Romance Bookstore in Melbourne, or Rosemary’s Romance Books in Brisbane. Both stores ship within Australia, New Zealand and Asia. You should also be able to special order it at Dymocks. I don’t know what the bananas is going on with Borders, so maybe pass on them.

Okay, back to work for me–these books don’t write themselves! Wouldn’t that be nice?


About oliviaventura

I was born many years ago in... No, seriously, all you need to know about me is that I love love LOVE reading, and it's even more fun to write my own stories (I get to choose the ending that way). I've worked in plenty of different jobs, many in retail, which is the best way to meet some really colorful people, and also in recruitment, telecommunications, and food safety. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm still on the lookout for Mr. Right, so if you know him, send him my way.

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