RWA 2011 New York!

I have had the most crazy fabulous week I can remember in ages.


Aside from exploring New York, and doing some fabulous shopping–my God, the shopping–I also had the wonderful conference. Worried about the expense? Don’t be. Stop buying books for the next year. Spend the money on the conference and the trip. You’ll pick up enough free books to make your money back.
I’m not joking. I made my money back, and I didn’t take everything that was available.
Plus the workshops are invaluable. There are so many people to meet (hi everyone!) things to talk about. And I’ve been inspired by so many offhand comments, I now have a kajillion ideas and no time to write them all. Although, according to Candace Havens, there are NO EXCUSES!

I could go on forever, but you don’t want to hear it, I’m sure. So down to the part that I loved…later tonight check out my website for the pictures of me with some gorgeous authors! I missed a few (including Suzanne Brockmann and Kresley Cole, Christina Dodd), simply because if I’d waited in those lines I’d still be waiting, but I did get pics with Julia Quinn, Nalini Singh, Susan Elizabeth Phillips (who is a great speaker), Karen Hawkins, Sabrina Jeffries, Suzanne Enoch, Eloisa James, Rachel Gibson, Victoria Alexander, Sarah MacLean and more that I can’t remember right now but will kick myself for forgetting later.

I have some writing to do while the juices are flowing, so I’m off now…oh, one thing I forgot to mention. I’ve had requests to see both a partial and a full of Catch a Shooting Star, and a full of One Night in a Bar!



About oliviaventura

I was born many years ago in... No, seriously, all you need to know about me is that I love love LOVE reading, and it's even more fun to write my own stories (I get to choose the ending that way). I've worked in plenty of different jobs, many in retail, which is the best way to meet some really colorful people, and also in recruitment, telecommunications, and food safety. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I'm still on the lookout for Mr. Right, so if you know him, send him my way.

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