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.CaSS..after waiting what seems like far to long, Catch a Shooting Star is now available in paperback!! I’m beyond thrilled about this – Jess and Nathan are quite possibly my favorite couple, and now they’re available to the technologically reluctant.

You can buy CaSS, the paperback, direct from Ellora’s Cave or from Amazon. Further retailers to follow.

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Watch out for the nuances…

Many of you know I’m Australian, and as we travel toward the end of the year, the weather here is heating up – hello, Summer! And of course, with summer comes the world’s most boring sport: cricket.Cricket

I say this knowing that millions disagree. All around the world, cricket-playing nations abound. People pay money to go to matches, sit in the hot sun for eight or more hours and watch men dressed from head to toe in white smack a ball with a bat. On the other side of the globe, people who are interested in the outcome get up at four in the morning so they can watch on TV. For myself, I don’t get it. Cricket is the kind of thing I turn the TV to when I can’t get to sleep.

Case in point: right now, Australia and England are locked in battle for the Ashes, series of matches that we apparently fight over every year or couple of years – I’m not 100% clear on the details, as my care factor is pretty low. I do know that it’s Test cricket, as opposed to One-Day cricket, and what that means is that a match lasts multiple days. Five Tests are played over six or so months, I think, in both England and Australia, and even if one side wins the first three Tests, they still play all five, which to me is just plain mean.

Anyway, I actually have a point to make here. I was hanging out with my brother and his wife at their place, and my sister-in-law and I were working on a jigsaw puzzle while my brother watched the cricket. They’ve been married for nearly two years now, but they’re often still like newlyweds so my SIL kept coaxing my brother to join us. He was adamant that he had to watch the cricket. I waded in, mostly just to annoy him, and pointed out that a colleague had told me that cricket wasn’t even a real sport. That got him all fired up, and he spent a few minutes telling us how important cricket is to many nations that would otherwise be at daggers drawn (my words, not his) and that the game had many nuances which were not at first obvious (his words, not mine). I’ll take a moment to point out that the match was in play the whole time we were talking, and it didn’t seem like he was missing much. My SIL and I were not impressed. “What kind of nuances?” we demanded.

It was unfortunate for my brother that at that precise moment one of the British commentators said to another, “What was your breakfast like this morning?”

My SIL and I started laughing and couldn’t stop. It seems to me that a sport should be fast-paced enough that commentators don’t have time during play to talk about anything except what’s happening on the field. My poor brother shut up after that. There wasn’t really anything that could be said about those nuances that would balance out the breakfast discussion.

What do you think? Are there sports out there that don’t deserve to be so named?

Hitting the To-Be-Read pile

Like all readers, I have a stack of books, both physical and virtual, that I’ve bought based on recommendation and review. The To-Be-Read pile. Every month I buy tostack of bookso many books and read them in a certain order: first, the ones I’ve been desperately awaiting, usually those part of a series (this month’s first read was MacRieve by Kresley Cole) or by favorite authors. Next come the ones that are by my automatic-buy authors. And then I get to the rest. If the new month has already rolled around, well, some of those books may get bumped down the pile.

Last week, however, I was home sick for three days, and so I got July’s must-reads done early in the month. Which left me time to hit the pile.

I am a fan of Maya Banks. She’s a versatile and amazing author, and I was thrilled to meet her – briefly – at RWA a few years ago. However, for some inexplicable reason, I never read any of her historicals.

Boy, was that stupid.

Maya has finally filled the hole that was left in me when Julie Garwood stopped writing historicals. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Julie’s contemporary romances. I used to buy them in hardcover, and now that I’m an ebook aficionado, I buy them at the expensive just-released price. But I have never, until last week, read any Scottish historical that made me feel quite like Julie’s did. And I’ve read a lot of really amazing Scottish historicals.

So, if you’ve yet to read the McCabe trilogy by Maya Banks, hie yourself over to wherever you buy your books from, and grab them. I, in the meantime, am off to read her other historicals…

The month is still young, so who knows what else I may discover in the pile?

The Alpha Male Blog Hop!

In days past, he was a grunter. Alpha = hair pulling, head clubbing and lair dragging. We’ve managed to civilize our heroes somewhat since then, but I, for one, still want a man who’s just a little bit masterful. Who might take me by surprise occasionally and sweep me off to his lair (no dragging!)

Nathan Powell is a modern alpha male. No hair pulling, but lots of sweeping off feet!

Social misfit Jessamy James pays the bills with a cleaning job so she can do what she really loves: tell stories to children. She meets NFL superstar Nathan Powell when she cleans his house. He’s intrigued by her reclusive attitude, and she’s drawn to his open personality and lack of defensive walls. It doesn’t take long for attraction to set in, and for a relationship to blossom.

When Nathan is accused of dealing drugs, Jess is caught up in the media storm and finds her own vocation slipping through her fingers. They struggle together to clear his name and rescue both their careers.

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Louisa’s latest release On Sale Today!

Diving in Deep, Louisa Masters’ latest erotic romance, went on sale today!

Cameron is sick of being a stereotypical nerd. In an attempt to “reinvent” himself, he takes three months off for a holiday in Australia–something the old Cameron would never do.

Troy and Jake are in a committed relationship. Co-owners of Sail Away, a water sport and cruising company, their life is about sun, sea and each other.

Neither Troy nor Jake have ever participated in a ménage, but after a day on the water with Cameron, both are fantasizing about sandwiching him between them. Cameron has never been with a man but can’t stop thinking about the hot couple, and how they’d look, naked and entwined. When he walks in on them having sex in the underwater observatory, he can’t look away–and then they invite him to join in.

Will the old Cameron sink in uncharted territory? Or will the new Cameron find himself diving in deep?

Buy it here!

Review for Catch a Shooting Star!

Yay! My first review for Catch a Shooting Star, from Romancing the Book!

“Olivia Ventura did a beautiful job and can’t wait for more of her talent.”

Meli has given me a Lovely Rose – I’ve included their rating system so you can see how awesome that is! You can read the full review here.


Heroines I Love to Hate

I’m guest blogging with Marie Sexton on the three types of heroine that make my teeth itch…come on over and add your two cents! http://mariesexton.net/

Guest blogging with Marie Tuhart

Come and visit me at http://www.escapetoaneroticfantasy.blogspot.com.au/, where I’m talking about fairytales!

Blogging today with Dena Garson – First Dates

Come on over and visit!

First Dates.

Going Visiting!

Louisa and I have decided to visit some of our fellow authors! Louisa has a release in late June, so she’s booked herself pretty heavily. Our schedules so far:


May 30th Dena Garson

June 11th Marie Tuhart

June 15th Marie Sexton

June 22nd G.B Miller

July 3rd James Hatch


May 23rd Seven Sexy Sins

June 5th Rachel Leigh

June 25th Maggie Nash

June 26th S. Dora

June 27th Jennifer Jakes

June 28th Virginia Cavanaugh

June 29th Sarah Grimm

We’ll be making updates and planning July soon! If you’d like one or both of us to visit you, email me on liv@oliviaventura.net

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